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The Web Projectors team has amassed a sizable Web development portfolio over the years, encompassing high quality, custom-tailored Web application creation as well as customized Web design. Peruse some of our most striking Web design and development projects, featured below.

  • Personal website

    Personal website


    The following website Represents a hairdresser and stylist Ludmila Klikich. The website...

  • KYBb


    Community Portal

    Also a communication hub, this website unites artistic youth from the city of Odessa in the Ukraine....

  • The Last Firm on Earth

    The Last Firm on Earth

    IT Company

    Web Projectors also offers sample templates from which clients can choose desired features...

  • Photo Critic

    Photo Critic

    Photographers' Portal

    We designed this site to appeal to amateur photographers and photography connoisseurs...