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Terms and Conditions

Free Website Check is a free service provided by Web Projectors to any person that submits any publicly available website (a Customer).

The service is provided "as is", with no warranty or responsibility for any consequences of using the service.

Web Projectors manually checks the submitted website and assigns a Grade for each Point such as Usability, Content, SEO, Design and Technical.

For each Point Web Projectors provides at least one screenshot and one description of an issue to be fixed or a "Nice To Have" feature.

The Grades assigned to a submitted website reflect the website's compliance to the best practices developed or/and followed by Web Projectors.

The Grade's purpose is to provide a Customer with ways to improve their website in any of the listed Points.

A Report in form of unique URL is provided by Web Projectors only to a Customer. A Customer can share the unique URL with others, therefore giving the others access to the Customer's Report, so it is a Customer's responsibility to keep the unique URL confidential if necessary.

The unique URL opens a Web Page at Web Projector's website that shows Grades for each Point as well as screenshots and issue or feature descriptions.

A Customer is welcome to contact Web Projectors so that its professionals can fix found issues or implement "Nice To Have" features.

Web Projectors reserves the right to update or amend these Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice, therefore we encourage you to read over these Terms and Conditions whenever you use this website.